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Exactly what I wanted. Easy and simple. Just plugged it in and downloaded the app. I have an older car so this will help me get even more miles out of it cause it tells you exactly what’s wrong and you can keep track of maintenance way easier.

Addison W, San Diego, CA

Bought this for my mom for help with car problems since my father passed away. It took no time to plug it into her car and the app is very easy to understand. Looking forward to her having real-time, easy to understand feedback if something happens to her car. Very impressed with how easy it is to use.

Austin J., Pensacola, FL

Amazing little device. Easy to set up. The app is super cool and very intuitive. And I love how it explains things in plain english – no technical nonsense. And since I’m always forgetting oil changes and tune up appointments, this is going to be super helpful.

Ricky J, Seattle, WA

Finally, A Proven Way To Stop Getting Ripped Off!

When the dreaded “check engine” light pops up on your dashboard, how do you feel?
If you’re anything like our founders and customers used to be, these same fears run through your mind:

“Is my car going to explode? How much will repairs set me back? What if the mechanic tries to rip me off?”

That’s why our founders, 3 Georgia Tech grads, have turned their passion for cars and cutting-edge tech into an innovative company that’s giving car owners their confidence back.

FIXD instantly tells you why your check engine light is on, how serious the issue is, and how much repairs should cost in simple, easy-to-understand terms (even if you know nothing about cars).

Over 50,000 Sensors Sold Every Month!

Car Repair Made Easy

You shouldn’t have to worry about the people who are supposed to take care of you taking advantage of you instead. You deserve to feel confident and in control when you walk into any repair shop.

Our personal mission is to eliminate the insecurity and fear that plagues the auto repair industry and to give car owners their confidence back with a simple device that monitors and diagnoses your car’s health in plain English - right on your smartphone.

No more wondering whether or not you’re getting a fair deal. See plain and clear what’s going on, how to fix it, and what it should cost before you make a decision or do the repairs yourself.

Never Fear The “Check Engine” Light Again

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Setting up FIXD is as Simple as these 3 steps:


1. Plug FIXD Into Car Port

Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it! No tools or professionals needed.


2. Sync FIXD With Phone

Connect FIXD to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.


3. FIXD Does The Rest!

Get notified of any issues with continuous monitoring, preventing $1000s in costly repairs.

Benefits Of Having FIXD:

By now you know FIXD can save you $1000s in expensive, unnecessary car repairs, catching shady mechanics red-handed, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefitting from this handy little device…

Maintenance Reminders

Continuous Monitoring

Multi-Vehicle Control

Detailed Diagnostics

Don’t Worry, You’re Protected By:

Our “Love It Or Your Money Back” Risk-FREE Guarantee!

If for some reason the countless testimonials and proof on this page still haven’t convinced you, maybe this will:

There’s zero risk to you.

Because if you purchase FIXD today and aren’t completely satisfied with how easy it is to install and use in your car, just call us at [number] or email [name] and we’ll gladly give you a full, hassle-free refund. That’s how confident we are in the quality and accuracy of our product.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s literally nothing to lose and a lifetime of confidence and savings to gain!

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Hurry, This Special Offer Ends Soon!

Get Up To 67% Off FIXD! (while supplies last)


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