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Why do 2 Million drivers trust FIXD?


Quick Car Diagnostics

Translate over 7000 error codes into plain English, taking the stress out of the check engine light.


Maintenance Alerts

Get automatic updates when it’s time for routine maintenance based on your make, model & mileage.


Check Engine Monitoring

FIXD instantly notifies you when the check engine light comes on and tells you what’s wrong in plain, simple terms right on your smartphone.


Multi-Vehicle Control

Monitor all your vehicles from one account, making it easy to schedule services for family members even if you’re not there!


Issue Severity

See how bad your car problem is(minor or major) so you know if it’s safe to keep driving.


Prevent Costly Repairs

FIXD automatically syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth while you’re driving so that you can continuously monitor your car’s health and quickly resolve any issues.

Car Care made simple.

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Save time, save money, stress less.

Know what’s going on with your car and how serious it is so you can take next steps with confidence.

Thankfully with FIXD, it’s really easy. Simply plug our module into your car’s OBDII port, connect to it via Bluetooth, open the FIXD app, and any fault codes will be clearly displayed.

Alex Kersten, CarThrottle

Just imagine the first time you use it, stride straight into Joe's Auto Repair and tell them exactly what's busted. As soon as it recognizes a problem, it can tell you what needs to be done, and how much it'll cost. 


FIXD is a must have for preventative maintenance and trouble shooting. FIXD is car care made simple!

Nolan Sykes, Donut Media

Upgrade your sensor with FIXD Premium

Optional upgrade to the free FIXD app.

See the Confirmed Fix & Cost for your check engine light, talk to a FIXD mechanic, and more for only $5.83/month (billed annually).

Our Promise To You

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